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Know Your Families

Families feel welcome and valued when they are greeted by program staff, when staff members know their names, and when family members are asked for their input and ideas. You create a welcoming environment when you pay attention to the following components:

Physical Environment

  • A welcome sign is displayed.
  • Friendly, clear instructions are available for all visitors.
  • Grounds are well lit and clean.

Practices and Policies

  • The program provides a welcome packet with procedures for all families (See "Creating a Family Guidebook" for ideas.)
  • Program information is posted and available on school grounds.
  • All staff are trained on positive interaction with families. 
  • Program staff regularly greet visitors.
  • Program staff can communicate with families with limited English skills.

Written Materials and Communications

  • Printed program materials are clearly written and free of jargon.
  • Materials are translated and distributed.

Tip: For ideas about effective messages and ways to deliver them, see this publication from the Connecticut Family Learning Initiative.

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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement