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Key Terms

Here are a few key terms used in the course. Explore the Glossary on the right whenever you’d like to check the definition of a term.

Family: for the purposes of participating in 21st CCLC program activities, all people who are either responsible for a child or anyone the child identifies as being important in their lives (e.g., close family friend, sibling, extended family member, neighbor). For the purposes of protecting privacy, federal policy says only certain people (as defined in Title I) may receive student data.

Family engagement: building relationships through activities such as helping parents and caregivers develop their own skills, offering educational activities for families and students together, bringing family members into leadership positions with the 21st CCLC program, and connecting families with schools and resources in the community. Family engagement also refers to the importance of family members playing an active role in their children's academic and social-emotional development.

Family liaison: a designated staff person who communicates directly with caregivers and family members to invite their involvement and participation with a 21st CCLC program. A family liaison often helps to connect student families with program, school or community services that support learning and well-being.

Welcoming environment: a friendly, supportive atmosphere that encourages family participation and unites the 21st CCLC staff, family and community in supporting student development and academic achievement.

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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement