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Getting Input From Families

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Successful family engagement does not happen by chance. Often, 21st CCLC staff will use surveys or other means to identify family interests, needs, and expectations for the program. You may get the most, and most honest, feedback if you ask for input at convenient times and locations for them, like when parents attend events or pick up their children.

Informal Surveys

Check in with parents and other caregivers when you see them to find out what they like about the program and what else would help them with their children.

Formal Surveys

Send annual surveys to parents and caregivers to ask what they need to support their child's academic success. Parent surveys can be placed in registration packets to ensure they are completed. Look in the appendix of Increasing Family and Parent Engagement in After-School to find examples of surveys you might use.

Other Ideas

There are many other ways to get parents' feedback. For example, pick a few parents for brief one-on-one interviews. You may also want to organize focus groups where parents can respond to questions. Be sure to select a few parents who participate frequently in the program, and a few who do not. 

Tip: In rural or close-knit urban communities, you may see parents and caregivers at the local store or church. You can take advantage of that opportunity to find out what they need and how your program can help.

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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement