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Pull It Together

Engaging families in your program takes understanding who your families are, what strengths and skills they bring to the program, and how your program can connect them to education and resources to help them better support their children. The following key strategies were discussed earlier in the Implementation Strategies section of this module: 

  • Treat every family member as a unique individual; find time and make space to learn about their needs, ideas and questions.
  • Find ways to overcome family engagement obstacles by challenging staff assumptions of why families may not be involved and implementing creative solutions to meet family needs.
  • Involve families by treating them as partners and resources to be utilized and learned from.
  • Support families by listening to their concerns for themselves and their children, and finding ways your program can connect them to the appropriate resources, people and organizations.

Tools to Use

Take the next steps to strengthen partnerships in your program.

Use the Family Engagement Implementation Planner to map for success.

Review Tools for guidance on implementation.

Find guidance on Coaching My Staff.

Share excitement and strategies with the field in the Discussion Boards.

Select and customize staff trainings under Teach.

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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement