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Create a Welcoming Environment


Your space says a lot to families about whether or not they are welcome. At your next staff meeting or training, draw a map of your space and have staff discuss what elements are welcoming to families, and what could be added or improved. Consider these tips:

  • Create a family resource area. If you are limited on space, a bulletin board or a portable easel that you set up once a week will do the trick. Try having seasonal or monthly topics, such as "Summer Reading Fun," or "Indoor Winter Science Projects." Have handouts parents can take with them. 
  • If you have the time and resources, a lending library is a great way to engage parents. Consider having a "give a book/take a book" shelf, or organize activities in plastic sleeves so that parents can borrow them. 
  • Go to yard sales and ask for donations to transform a normally plain program space into a warm and inviting environment. Create a welcoming environment and space where families can come to relax, talk and get resources.
  • Have posters and signs in multiple languages to say "speakers of all languages are welcome here."
  • Prominently display student work where parents will see it. 



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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement