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Select Trainings to Fit Staff and Program Needs

Training Tips

Tip #3: When asking a question, have an example of your own ready to share with participants.

Tip #4: Circulate during group work to check on progress and see what should be addressed in more detail.

To learn more about these and other training tips, use the Training Guide and Template.

Which trainings are most important for your staff?

Use Training Starters to jump-start creating your own trainings, or click on a Training to Go for a full presentation that is ready to use with your team. Find these resources with accompanying documents under the Teach section, or click on the links below.

Trainings to Go

Family Engagement

Improve communication with families. Create a program environment that welcomes and seeks out family involvement.

Cultural Competence

Help staff recognize their own "cultural lenses" or biases, and learn how to respect families and children regardless of their backgrounds.

Training Starters

Connecting Families to Supports

Connect families to one another and resources within and outside your program.

K-5 Engagement Strategies

Learn engagement strategies for families of younger youth.

6-12 Family Engagement Strategies

Gain engagement strategies for families with older youth.


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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement