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Training Tips

Tip #1: Arrive early to give yourself time to set up and review your notes, so you can welcome staff when they arrive.

Tip #2: Don't read your PowerPoint! Have additional talking points and information other than what's on the screen.

To learn more about these and other training tips, use the Training Guide and Template.

How will you train and support staff to engage families?

Families are one of the greatest potential allies staff have to achieve their primary goal of helping program youth be successful. Staff need to form strong and lasting relationships with the families and should constantly look for opportunities to reach out to address their concerns and utilize their knowledge and skills. To achieve complementary and trusting relationships, staff must connect with families, listen to them, and offer resources and suggestions. Together, families and staff can help children be successful.

  • Part of family engagement is understanding, appreciating and honoring the culture and traditions of the families of the youth served.
  • Staff should know about and direct families to free and low-cost resources and community organizations that can help with educational and life goals.
  • Engaging families requires different types of events and strategies depending on the ages of the youth served.


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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement