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Training Tips

Tip #5: Provide staff with clay, squishy balls, or other manipulatives to accommodate different learning and focusing styles.

Tip #6: Use humor to keep people engaged and create a relaxed, focused environment.

To learn more about these and other training tips, use the Training Guide and Template.

How ready are you for training and supporting staff for implementing family engagement strategies?

Because every family is different, and involvement needs and goals change over the course of the year and as youth change, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Just as program activities and focus areas change throughout the year, family engagement should evolve to meet the needs of families and youth at that moment.

  • Provide time for family engagement planning — engagement won't happen by accident.
  • Find ways to evaluate your family engagement efforts that include consistently speaking with families.
  • Designate a family engagement lead or planning committee to ensure that new and innovative engagement strategies are always brainstormed and tested.
  • Provide time and space to discuss family engagement challenges and goals


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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement