Work Personality Evaluation

The Work Personality Evaluation is a 42-item, behaviorally oriented work assessment instrument, which evaluates work personalities based on six personality categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (RIASEC). The basis of the work personality evaluation, developed by Psychologist John Holland, is career choices based upon personality types.

Try It! Answer the questions below to see a description of your Work Personality type.

Do you like to...

  • puzzles?
  • on cars?
  • ...attend concerts, theaters or art exhibits?
  • in teams?
  • ...organize things like files, offices or activities?
  • ...set goals for yourself?
  • things?
  • fiction, poetry or plays?
  • ...have clear instructions to follow?
  • ...influence or persuade people?
  • experiments?
  • ...teach or train people?
  • people solve their problems?
  • ...take care of animals?
  • ...have your day structured?
  • ...sell things?
  • creative writing?
  • on science projects?
  • ...take on new responsibilities?
  • ...heal people?
  • ...figure out how things work?
  • ...put things together or assemble models?
  • creative?
  • attention to details?
  • filing or typing?
  • ...learn about other cultures?
  • ...analyze problems, situations or trends?
  • instruments or sing?
  • ...dream about starting your own business?
  • ...cook?
  • ...act in plays?
  • ...think things through before making a decision?
  • with numbers or charts?
  • ...discuss issues like politics or current events?
  • ...keep records of your work?
  • a leader?
  • outdoors?
  • in an office?
  • on math problems?
  • people?
  • ...draw?
  • ...give speeches?


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