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Using PBL with Limited Resources


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Chelsea asks:  How do we adapt when we have extremely limited resources and/or space.

Good news!  Project-Based Learning does not have to cost a lot of money.  In fact, part of the reason I was intrigued by the approach was because it was inexpensive.  You will need to utilize your community resources for sure.  Involve local business partners to get authentic tools, experts, and mentors.  Think about it…..if your students decide they want to make a case that the amount of homework they are given doesn’t correlate to improved grades or improved proficiency, that wouldn’t take anything more than doing research, creating a presentation and sharing that presentation with an audience who can make the change if convinced.  There are so many skills students will need to use to get that project done.  They will, of course, need the basics—a computer, paper, printer, probably software for surveys, and some other reports to gather they data, but all of that would likely be available already.