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21st CCLC Program Management

Sarah Brightwell

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Joined 2015-08-17


Hi CKing,

We covered some of that information on Day 2 which focused on project and program management. The recording of that session will be up in about 10 days. In the meantime, the Managing Your 21st CCLC Program course covers that material in much greater depth and provides many tools and resources. While it does not specifically cover insurance or other items that vary greatly state to state, it does cover fiscal management in detail and provides things like a Budget Worksheet and Procurement Packet that may be helpful in this area. I’ll check with others on our team for any other applicable resources as well.


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I am not sure if the following question was addressed this week. I missed areas of two sessions, due to technical and scheduling issues. I was wondering if the business infrastructure for the 21st CCLC program was addressed. It appears like most of the presentations were mostly programmatic, but in regards to Data Collection, Program Assessment, staffing, budgeting, and creating smart goals. This is good for the program lead and their teaching staff, especial with the virtual direction. However, there is a lot of courses reviewing this info. Less options on the business set up for these types of programs, as it applies to our sub-grantees (Indirect and Direct Costs examples, insurance suggestions, LEAs vs CBOs/FBOs). As an SEA administrator its hard for me to assist our new sub-grantees on how their Federal Grant Business should be set up to efficiently and successfully complete their annual/monthly Business reporting that involves Fiscal/Financial, tax obligations, inventory and the handling of fix assets.
Your assistance in where we can access these resources will be greatly appreciated…