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Planning for Covid-19

Sarah Brightwell

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Joined 2015-08-17


Hi Abigail,

I absolutely think that would be a good idea. While it will take a little extra up-front time, I think it will save you lots of time and stress in the long run. As we have seen last Spring and now in July/August, situations and plans can and do change rapidly forcing us to be flexible and prepared. Taking the time to make a plan will ensure that you are able to continue providing services to students and families seamlessly in every situation. Great idea!

Abigail Hunt

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Joined 2020-08-14


In this ever changing climate of living with Covid in our communities, would it be beneficial to create 3 program plans? A plan for completely virtual, hybrid, and full on in-person? I know this creates more work, BUT I was wondering if this could be beneficial/helpful for the planning process. Things can change in an instant and this way there could be a seamless transition if something changes within the schools. Thanks!