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Family Literacy


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Our family has a strong faith background. I used to drive my three kiddos to school every day. During the seven-minute drive, they would take turns reading aloud from a daily devotional called “Growing in Grace” by Max Lucado. Now that we are home together we use a Bible app called “YouVersion” where they can type in any subject and find a reading plan around that topic.They love sports so one example was “True Competitor.” Reading this 10-day plan aloud together got them thinking about how to compete with integrity, persistence and discipline.

My son is 15 now and one of our favorite shared memories is reading the entire Deltora Quest series together (by Emily Rodda) when he was in third grade… We would take turns reading a chapter aloud each evening. The stories were filled with adventure courage and purpose that helped to ignite his passion for justice and truth.

As you think about what to read as a family, consider the things that define and shape your family’s beliefs, values and goals.