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Help Your Kids Adjust to their Distance Learning Classes

Nancy David

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Joined 2020-05-03


When the whole world is running through the impact of the pandemic Covid 19 Coronavirus, almost all part of the planet Earth is on a lock-down and it is not going to change anytime soon as the situation stands. From the slow start in China to the present-day aggressive nature, the consequences of the Covid 19 evolved swiftly.

Though most of the industries are vastly impacted by the current situation, the Education field is one of the mostly affected areas. Education institutions are closed in many countries and the teachers are advised to provide online classes to their students. In other words, the institutions are now turned to the distance learning processes to take care of the classes.

It will not be a tough task for the teachers to adjust to the relatively new pattern of distance learning classes as opposed to the regular school classes they were taking. But it comes as a surprise for the students and it will take time for them to adjust to this new form of online classes. They will not have any experience in such a learning pattern and hence they will struggle to cope with it.

Here, it is important for the parents to help your kids understand the various aspects of distance learning or taking online classes and provide them with adequate tips to face every area of their new studying processes.

Being a professional educational trainer from a housekeeping service providing maids in Dubai, I am giving training to domestic workers who are assigned to take care of the kids in various families to make it easy for those children to tackle the obstacles of distance learning.

You can help them to understand effective use of their equipment such as laptop and cameras, give them a few tips about time management, let them take it seriously just like they take lessons from the regular classes, etc., so that this whole educational processes are going to be successful.


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Distance learning and regular face to face learning are both effective but each has its own constituency of students.

Distance leaning works best for those who like to work independently and do not require the support and reinforcement of ‘classmates’. Distance leaners typically have fulltime employment in an area for which their course will better equip them and perhaps enable them to get promotion. They are ‘self-starters’ and will devote about 20 hours a week to study. They tend to be older and have more experience. Because the students are not in college they need to be and are more rigorous and self critical. They don’t have others to be critical for them.

It depends what course you are choosing and what is your learning style

If you are pursuing courses in humanities and social work, commerce, Accounting/Bookkeeping/ QuickBooks Pro Cloud HostingAdvisor and if you can learn by your own, without much assistance, distance learning is good.

and under graduate science (B.Sc. Chemistry, Biology Physics, Mathematics, computer science/IT Administration tasks like SharePoint Migration or Cutover Exchange Migration etc if university has compulsory weekend classes or compulsory minimum hours of classes and practical then distance learning is good, otherwise opt a full time course

You should never opt management program in distance learning mode as this is experiential learning. You should never opt