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Discussion Board

How to Design a Professional Learning Path for Other Roles

Sarah Brightwell

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Joined 2015-08-17


We only had time to specifically discuss four roles today but we covered lots of different Y4Y professional development opportunities.

What other questions do you have?
Want to explore another role’s suggested starting point?
Let’s brainstorm!


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Joined 2018-05-21


Thank you for listing this.  What learning would you recommend for volunteers or college interns? Making the most of Homework time for those working with youth.

Kathleen Bethke

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Joined 2019-08-07


Hi Scott,

I would recommend PBL, STEM, Literacy, and Citizen Science as course starters.  While we don’t have a course on Homework, the Continuous Education course does discuss it and there are several tools with that course to help staff with homework time.

You can also look at the toolkit below for help.  It resides within our Learn More Library.

Hope that helps and thank you for reaching out.

Instructional Design Lead