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Discussion Board

Questions About Y4Y

Sarah Brightwell

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Joined 2015-08-17


We hope you found today’s overview of Y4Y helpful and look forward to your questions about all of Y4Y!

Let’s address a few of the common Y4Y questions from the chatbox.

Where can I find the previously recorded webinars? 
New events available for registration are at the top and archived webinars are at the bottom.

How can I earn certificates?  And other certificate information!

You can earn certificates for COURSES and LIVE WEBINARS (virtual events) only at this time.  We do not currently offer certificates for Click & Go’s, Training to Go’s, or viewing prerecorded webinars.

For courses, you MUST be logged into Y4Y in order for the system to track and save your progress and earn a certificate.  Any work done while not logged in will not count toward a certificate.  For webinars (virtual events), you earn your certificate through attendance.  Important…if you watch a webinar in a group, only the registered attendee will receive a certificate.  Each participant must register and join the webinar as themselves in order to receive a certificate.

You can earn three types of certificates for courses: Basic (the Introduction section), Advanced (the Implementation section), and Leadership (the Coaching section).  Live webinars (virtual events) only have one level of certificate.  For virtual event series, you must attend the majority of the events (example 3 of 4 offered webinars).

Certificates for courses are available in your Y4Y account.  Certificates for webinars (virtual events) will be emailed to you.

Will my certificate of completion count for professional development hours, teacher licensing requirements, child care licensing requirements, or any other specific uses?

We cannot verify what our certificates of completion will or will not count for from state to state.  It is important that you check with your school district, organization, supervisor, teacher licensing entity, childcare licensing entity, or other entity to determine what they will or will not accept.  All of our courses are designed to meet IACET standards and we suggest you provide a copy of your certificate to the entity to help them make the determination.  If they have other specific questions, please send those to the Help Desk at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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I am curious about using the some/parts of the information presented on the website in a training or college course.  Is this allowable or is written permission needed?


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Joined 2014-06-05


Hi! This is Sherri on the Y4Y team.  Yes, you are able to take and use what you need.  This information is provided to you so that you can use it to train others. Please follow up if you have any more questions!