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New civil engineering skills academy opens in Hartlepool


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The new Civil Engineering Academy will provide future and existing building engineers at the national and national levels to help align skills that continue to grow in the industry.

The new Civil Engineering Academy at Seymour Civil Engineering will form a wide variety of skills and abilities, including housing, reddit nfl surveys, planning, road construction, plant and machinery training, gardening, landscaping, carpentry and construction.

Located on 11 acres off Brenda Street in Hartlepool, this land has been supported by the Hartlepool City Council, making land available for rent. This is a maximum of three years of planning in Seymour Civil Engineering.

Academic Director Niall Crosby said: “The original vision of the academy is to help improve skills. Seymour wants to be able to offer quality education to different age groups.

“We have supported the Hartlepool Council in our plans to call for a new college,” said Niall.

“This council has really agreed to do everything possible to ensure that we can do our best for the future, so we want to find a key role in registering at this training academy,” said council member Christopher Akers Pilcher, chairman of the Hartlepool City Council.

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