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8 How to Make a Simple Unknown Clothes Wardrobe? Curious


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How to make a wardrobe from the plywood you can practice yourself at home. Triplex plywood or more commonly called multiplex becomes the preferred fovorite wood of society for making household furniture. Especially make a closet. Excess plywood is cheaper than teak wood, but has a good resistance to cracks, arches, plintiran and rupture. Along with the development of modernity, plywood triplex is designed with many special advantages, including: resistant to water, given an artful surface layer, and has a damping power to the sound.

Triplex plywood is manufactured wood made from solid wood and is processed into thin sheets. The wooden axle is arranged transversely between the lower and upper layers using a special adhesive. Then the stack of wood sheets is given a considerable pressure and created a sheet of plywood sheets with a certain thickness, from 3 millimeters, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 20 millimeters. The outer layer of triplex plywood or yagn better known as multiplex is stronger than the middle. Usually triplex plywood made of pine wood, sengon, or sungkai.

In addition to the above advantages, plywood triplex has also deficiencies. Triplex plywood is not resistant to extreme weather. So that plywood triplex can not be used for household furniture that is outdoors. In addition, when finishing on triplex required a high level of accuracy for good results and satisfactory. You do not have to worry about the paucity of this type of plywood. There is always a way around the lack of this type of material. Check out our following summary on how to make a wardrobe from triplex and how to cut the plywood well.

How to make wardrobe from plywood:

1. Draw a two-door cabinet on paper with a standard size of 60 x 120 x 200 centimeters. The width of the side is 60     centimeters, the front width is 120 centimeters and the height is 200 centimeters.
2. Prepare a multiplex as thick as 18 millimeters as much as three pieces to make the side of the cabinet. Cut the length and width of 200 cm X 60 cm. Three triplex will be used to make two-door cabinets. So the three pieces of plywood will be used for two outer sides and one inner side or bulkhead. The inner trunk length is reduced by 15 inches to the bottom of the cabinet.
3. Prepare two-piece triplex for the base and top. Each with a size of 120 cm X 60 cm.
4. Add the cabinet closet as desired.
5. Raft parts of racks and hangers using glue and screw with electric drill.
6. Cut a 4 millimeter plywood sheet for the back side. reinforce with nails.
7. Create a cabinet door component. Measure and cut plywood. After fitting, place the door. add ornaments, mirrors, and door handles and locks.
8. For finishing, use HPL coating or coating materials.

Cut Triplek Plywood

Cutting plywood should be with the right technique to keep the result tidy and straight. If not careful, the vinyl layer on the outer surface of the plywood can peel and not good results. Using a jig saw is more appropriate for neat plywood cutting results.

Use Special Saws

The most appropriate saw for cutting plywood or multiplex plywood is a jig saw saw. the arrangement of grgaji eyes in accordance with the nature of plywood and equipped with certain combinations, angles and quantities. If you are wearing circle saw table saw, position the surface of the triplex multiply flat on the top. If you wear a circle saw portable saw type, a flat surface of triplex should be placed at the bottom.

Tidy Outside of Triplex

Blend the outer side of the triplex first to get a good cut line. Because the condition outside the plywood is not too smooth due to collision during the production process or delivery time. How to smooth the outer side of the triplex is by splitting one side of the length and width of the plywood to about ten millimeters before cutting.

Attach tape along the cut line

Paste the tape along the triplex cutting line before cutting. It is useful there when cutting, plywood vinyl layer is not easy to peel off. So that the cuts will look neat without damaging the vinyl layer. This way is more suitable to be applied to small scale cutting so it does not waste a lot of time.

Land with Wood

In addition to using tape at the time of triplex cutting, you can also use wood as a foundation. So that the results of triplex pieces can be neat. Wood has a strong and stable structure so that it retains triplex fibers in order to avoid cracks. You simply put solid wood just under the plywood sheet as the base.

You need to know that the arrangement of triplex fibers in the direction of the length. So do not cut the triplex with the transverse movement of the plywood fibers because it can lead to rough and untidy pieces. In addition you should pay attention outside the triplex board in order to get the results of a frugal cut. koora online Make a pattern first before cutting. The largest size and width first then create a pattern of small pieces as needed. Make sure all the pieces that have the same width size can be made into one in the cut in order to save time.

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