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June 5, 2013

Human resources can be some of the most valuable assets a partner can offer. The extra pair of hands, enthusiastic smiles for the kids, and a wealth of expertise and skills go a long way in an afterschool program. The tricky part of inviting volunteers on board is making sure they have enough to do and the right tasks to do. If you’ve ever had 15 volunteers show up to a garden ground-breaking, for instance, you know the importance of matching volunteers’ skills with the program’s needs as well as providing the appropriate resources and guidance for the volunteers. You don’t want to have five people sharing one shovel, seven helpers milling around with nothing to do, and three people taking over the lion’s share of the work.

Think about where and when volunteers can be helpful in your program. Then use this tool from Y4Y to write job descriptions for the various roles they can play. You can even use these job descriptions to advertise volunteer opportunities in the community. When potential volunteers see the details, they’ll know whether or not the role is a good one for them.

Once you’ve finalized your volunteer job description, you can check off your July to-do!  


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