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September 9, 2013

Student-centered, or learner-driven, is the kind of environment you want your program to provide for youth. It’s also a great fit for 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs. Just take a look at this list of how your program can support students’ development, and you’ll see that a student-centered approach is a great match. You can also watch the Coach’s Commentary for a peek into a real program’s efforts to support student development and gain some tips.

Besides encouraging the skills, habits, and behaviors that youth need to be successful, a student-centered approach also builds a foundation for stronger alignment with school-day staff and administrators. If everyone puts students first then other potentially conflicting priorities will take a backseat as all parties contribute what they can to helping students learn and achieve.

Do you want to work on building a common vision with your partners? Watch this video from Y4Y to see an afterschool program discuss vision and goals with its partners.  


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