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July 22, 2013

Take a look at the Network section of Y4Y to see what your peers from around the country have posted to the Discussion Boards about Low Cost STEM. They’ve found some great resources that work well for them in their programs, and the activities translate well into summertime.

Also in the Network section, you’ll find a recording of a STEM webinar hosted by the Y4Y Team. The special guest speakers demonstrate how they have sparked enthusiasm in students through exciting activities and projects.

With these ideas, STEM fun could be just a click or a phone call away. Another webinar shares the Y4Y team’s ideas for summer plans that get your students going with hands-on STEM and other summer-friendly activities.

You can also post your own STEM ideas to the Discussion Boards. Add low-cost STEM ideas here or start a new thread on the board (don't forget - you have to be logged in to post, but registration is free!). Your impact will go beyond your own program, helping students in other locations enjoy and learn about STEM this summer.  


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