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March 24, 2014

The Y4Y team recently worked with a wonderful group of 21st CCLC grantees in Hawaii who came together to share their insights and experiences around all of the content areas featured on Y4Y.  The discussions around Family Involvement were particularly robust, with participants brainstorming strategies of varying intensity, including ideas that they could implement immediately, over the next few months, and in the long term.  Short-term ideas included creating welcome posters, greeting caregivers daily, and hosting welcome tours for new families.  Strategies to incorporate over the next few months included hosting cultural storytelling nights, creating a community cookbook, hosting a game night, and beginning a family newsletter.  Programs’ long term goals for family involvement included hosting a health fair and coordinating a community resource fair to connect families to services in their neighborhoods.  Thank you to the Hawaii grantees for these great ideas!  What are your ideas for short term and long term family involvement?  Share your thoughts on the Discussion Boards!

The Y4Y team thanks all of the grantees that participated in this great discussion, and we invite you to continue it on the Discussion Boards.


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