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June 14, 2013

With such a busy year coming to a close, you may be looking back and wishing you had done more this year to engage partners. Looking ahead, you can plan for a robust partnership maintenance plan next school year. Signing a partner on board is just the beginning, and sustaining the relationship is critical to long-term success. You can start on this course by thinking through some possibilities for maintaining a good relationship with each of your partners. The Maintaining Partnerships tool on Y4Y provides some suggestions that you can personalize in a way that fits with your partners.

Then, take a look at this Coaching Moment on Y4Y, where these ideas and others are mapped out on a calendar and fleshed out with some details. As you start to set next year’s program calendar with field trips, staff development sessions, and family engagement events, you can also include the activities you’ll do to keep your partnerships strong and long-lasting.  


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