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June 5, 2013

One way to keep partners involved for the long term is to honor their contribution, support, and commitment. Partners have many different reasons for collaborating with your program, and for the most part they are driven by a selfless wish to give back to the community. Still, everyone enjoys some acknowledgement for their good deeds.

In some cases, your program may want to recognize partners publicly, as in a press release or on a banner with their name and logo. Private recognition through small tokens of appreciation, letters, or special ceremonies can also be appropriate. Find some other ideas on this maintaining partnerships planning tool from Y4Y.

It’s up to you and your staff – and even the youth in your program! – to determine the best way to recognize your partners. Get together for a staff training session to brainstorm and develop plans for partner recognition. Use this Honoring Partners Training Starter from Y4Y to guide your session. You can customize the training plan with your own ideas to really target the partnerships your program has.

After you’ve hosted your Honoring Partners training session, you can check off your August to-do, and you’ll be heading into fall with a whole new strategy for building and maintaining strong partnerships in the local community!

And, finally, don’t forget to communicate regularly with your partners and involve them in your planning and team meetings. Communication leads to better cooperation, which helps partnerships last longer and have greater impact.  


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