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August 20, 2013

We hope you’ve had the chance to explore some of the new content on Y4Y about civic learning and engagement. The page that introduces the concept describes the key goals and characteristics of a civic learning and engagement project.

Sometimes, though, the best way to understand the what, why, and how is through examples. Check out the following links for some examples of projects that bring the concept of civic learning and engagement to life.

Committed to Positive Change: Students describe projects they’ve started and describe what drove them to get involved in civic life.

A Special Kind of Project-Based Learning: In this example, see how additional activities and goals define a civic learning and engagement project as distinct from general project-based learning and service learning.

Civic Learning and Engagement in Action: This interactive web feature includes four examples that highlight the defining characteristics of civic learning and engagement projects, including hands-on activities and working with government agencies.

As you read through the examples and engage your imagination, you’ll start to get a sense of what types of civic learning and engagement projects might be a good fit for your students and your community!  


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