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October 7, 2013

Do you find yourself frequently landing on an inspiring idea or an insightful tip on Y4Y? Of course! The portal is full of useful information that you can use to strengthen your afterschool program. There is even a built-in feature that helps you keep track of your favorite ideas from Y4Y: the Notebook. 

On each page in the Learn and Teach sections of Y4Y (for example take a look in the Project-Based Learning Introduction), a small box on the right side of the page contains the Notebook. You can type notes into the Notebook, right on the screen next to the information you are viewing. Then, your notes are saved for you to access again whenever you may want to add to them or print them in the future. The Notebook is divided into the five content areas, so it’s almost like having a virtual binder of notes for each topic.

The key to using the Notebook is to be registered for Y4Y. Registration allows you access to this convenient feature, among others on the portal such as the ability to post to the Discussion Boards. If you aren’t registered yet, stop by the Join the Y4Y Community page for the quick and easy registration form.