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February 22, 2013

Some big news was revealed at BSH XVI in Jacksonville, Florida, on February 21 – a new design for the Y4Y web portal!

We’ve been collecting lots of feedback over the past couple of years from users like you all over the country. Dr. Lyles and the Department of Education heard you when you said you needed more from the Y4Y portal. The new Y4Y is designed specifically to address those needs.

You said you needed easier access to the portal from your tablets and smart phones. The portal has always been accessible from mobile web devices, but now it uses responsive web design standards to take advantage of mobile technology like never before.

Sound confusing? It’s not! See for yourself and access the portal from a smart phone or tablet today. The site now detects smaller screens and rearranges itself into a layout that’s easier to use than ever before.

You said you needed access to videos from places that don’t always have access to YouTube. From now on all videos will be hosted directly from the portal, making them available virtually everywhere.

You said you needed improved navigation to access everything quicker and more easily. The portal is now divided into four main sections: Learn, Teach, Tools, and Network.

“Learn” contains Introductions (formerly called “Courses”), Implementation Strategies and tips for Coaching your Staff (both formerly found in the Coaching Modules) for each of the five content areas.

“Teach” contains training materials that you can use as is or customize to your particular needs (all formerly found in the Design Studio).

“Tools” is where you’ll find a list of every resource on the portal, and “Network” is where you can participate in online discussions and post pictures and success stories from your program (features formerly found in The Exchange).

It’s all your favorite Y4Y features and content in a brand new layout that we hope you’ll find easier to use and more accessible than ever!


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