January 22, 2015

STEM concepts—science, technology, engineering and math—are important concepts to tackle complex local and global challenges. Whether you’re new to STEM or ready to raise the bar, Y4Y resources can help you build STEM knowledge and practice to support student learning. 

Your activities and projects can help close the STEM gap by encouraging student interest in related topics and careers. Here’s one simple strategy: reinforce a way of thinking called the scientific method. You don’t need to be a STEM whiz to do this — Y4Y provides guidance on developing scientific habits of mind, fitting STEM into program schedules, and adding scientific processes throughout the program day with the STEM Vocabulary Builder.

Start with something your staff members already know well — your students! What do your youth like to do? What interests get them fired up? This page on Y4Y shows how to transform student interests into STEM activities. If your students enjoy creative expression, check out our STEAM resources.

STEM offers endless possibilities, and Y4Y can help you deliver them. If you’d like to dig deeper, visit the Learn More Library. You may also want to use Y4Y’s Teach resources to equip staff with the skills and knowledge to implement fun and effective STEM activities. Use the STEM Strategies and Techniques tool to infuse STEM into all aspects of your program.