August 21, 2014

One of the things we love most about the Y4Y portal is how it’s always growing and expanding to adapt to users’ needs. Every single month there are new blog articles to read, new webinar recordings to watch, and new Discussion Board posts that you can peruse and share with your colleagues. It’s a “virtually” (get it?) never-ending stream of information about 21st CCLC programs!

While it’s true that new materials are posted every month, what’s even better is that periodically we get to add major new sections of content that dramatically expand the scope of the Y4Y portal. Most recently it was the new Drug and Alcohol Prevention resources, and before that it was the new Civic Learning and Engagement materials in the Project-Based Learning module.

Now we’re very excited to announce that in fall 2014 we’ll be launching a brand new content module devoted entirely to Literacy. It will have the same look and feel of existing modules. There will be a complete Introduction to Literacy featuring dynamic videos and interactive features, Implementation Strategies to help you put the ideas into practice in your program, and helpful information about Coaching Your Staff in your particular Literacy efforts. Of course, there will also be Trainings to Go, Training Starters, and dozens of new Tools – all fully customizable to your program’s needs!

The new Literacy module will cover the Five Components of Reading, the Six Developmental Stages of Reading, and many other literacy-related topics like writing and comprehension that impact not only youth but also their families as they learn and grow in today’s competitive world and global economy.

Watch your in-box for more details and a special announcement regarding the release of the new Literacy Module on Y4Y!


August 21, 2014

Join us in the fall for a coffee break webinar on the New Literacy Content on Y4Y. Your hosts will be Karen Tylek, Y4Y Project Specialist, and Jessica Chung, Y4Y Content Specialist.

We’ll learn about all the new Literacy resources available on Y4Y, gain ideas for integrating Literacy activities into your program, and discuss strategies for working with staff, students, and families.

Watch for more information, including a registration link, as soon as the new content is released!


August 21, 2014

Join us on Thursday, September 4, at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern)/10:00 a.m. (Pacific) for an expert webinar on Guidance for New Programs on Y4Y. Our guest speakers will be Mary Ellen Earnhardt and Cathy Hay from Montana, and your host for this event will be Monique McDowell-Russell, Y4Y Training Specialist.

We’ll discuss ways to promote strong connections and communication with community and schools, ways to increase student and family involvement, subject matter and design of program activities, and the use of tools and resources on the Y4Y portal to implement program mission and objectives.

All Y4Y webinars are free so register today


August 21, 2014

The Y4Y team’s most recent trip was to Macon, Georgia, for a session on Family Involvement with some creative Georgia practitioners. When discussing family involvement ideas that programs could implement within the next 1-2 months, Jenny from Towns County, Georgia, shared the idea of a grocery store scavenger hunt that students could do with their families outside of program hours.

Here’s how it works: a staff member scopes out the local grocery store in advance, writes clues that incorporate items in the store, and then sends the scavenger hunt home with students. Students only have to identify the items in question – they do not have to purchase them. Depending on the program’s focus, staff can incorporate literacy, math, and even nutrition into the clues.

Thanks to Jenny and the rest of the Georgia 21st CCLC participants for sharing all of their great ideas!