January 14, 2014

In December the Y4Y team travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to collaborate with 21st CCLC grantees from the Bureau of Indian Education. Among other topics, grantees shared their wide-ranging ideas for family involvement, from inviting families to student performances to literacy nights to family sports competitions.

The staff of one program shared their idea of inviting a local bank to host a financial literacy night, offering family members the opportunity to build their skills. Another program, whose students have families that live a great distance from the center, discussed the idea of using technology to send regular communication and video chat with families that cannot be physically present for events.

The Y4Y team thanks all of the grantees that participated in this great discussion, and we invite you to continue it on the Discussion Boards.


January 14, 2014

You may know that Y4Y offers free, customizable training templates and PowerPoint presentations under the Teach section of the portal. But did you know that Y4Y also offers tips and guidance on how to plan and deliver effective trainings? Check out the Training Guide and Template, found in the Tools section, for ideas on how to create objectives, structure activities, engage participants and more. Or visit the Coaching My Staff section, under Learn, to find select Training Tips, such as this one on creating a training hook:

“The training opening is the hook. Think of it as a performance: What will engage participants’ hearts and minds? Ask what they already know. Draw on their knowledge, experience, and ideas throughout the training.”

Or this tip on drafting action plans at the end of a training:

“Creating an action plan or listing the next two things each participant might do are good ways to wrap up a training. Ask staff what assistance they’d like for implementation and how they can support one another’s efforts.”

Check out the rest of the tips for creating and delivering trainings for your team!