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June 5, 2013

Is your program seeking additional resources to get next school year off to a great start? In this e-blast, the Y4Y team offers a three-step plan for bolstering your partnership efforts. Tackle just one task each month and you’ll have stronger relationships in place by Labor Day.

First, though, take a moment to absorb the many functions a partner can play in supporting your program. This list from the Learn section of Strengthening Partnerships demonstrates the great potential that’s right down the road. Reach out to others in your community to sell your program. You may find partners that you never knew existed—interested parents, local businesses, civic leaders, churches and other community organizations.

Think about the creativity, energy, and color that a small arts organization could add to your enrichment time by sharing staff as volunteers a few hours per week. What about the wisdom, humor, and guidance that members of local faith-based organizations could provide through biweekly mentoring? The hardware store’s scraps can become versatile supplies for your art corner. And don’t forget the evaluation services a graduate student at the nearby university might be able to provide, pro bono.

Now you’re ready to get started on your to-do list. Keep us posted on your progress through the summer by joining the Partnerships Summer Project Discussion Board conversation.  


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