I'm very happy to share this online community with you, our talented and hard-working 21st Century afterschool professionals. We've developed this entire website based on what you're telling us you need to create engaging afterschool programs. The site will help you connect and share resources with your colleagues, provide professional development and technical assistance opportunities, and offer tools for improving your program practices. Thank you for joining us!

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Build Your Literacy Programming Block by Block

In your afterschool and expanded learning programs, you try every day to fit in as much fun and learning as you can, balancing all the competing demands. Y4Y staff know how busy your days are. Luckily, literacy can be worked into a program in many ways, big and small. Let’s go th... Read More »

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2015 Summer Institute Comes to You

You may have missed the Y4Y sessions in Dallas, but you can now attend them anytime and from anywhere. Jump over to the 2015 Y4Y Summer Institute page to get all the materials from our presentations on “Empowering Youth to Actively Participate in Prevention,” “Investing in Family Engagement” and “Building Literacy Through Fun and Games (Grades K-5).” And, because the prevention session was also provided as a webcast, a full recording is available for you and your colleagues to watch. Read more »